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Every individual has a specific body shape exercising and diet can make us look our best and we can work on certain areas, but our shapes will not change the bone structure will always stay the same.

Here I will explain the five different body shapes  and show you that perfect “Little black dress” that will enhance and flatter in all the right places.

The Apple: for this body shape fit n flair can work well it creates a smaller waist line, remember the bust area if you have a fuller bust go for V-necks, also check lengths.

The Pear:  you tend to be broader on the bottom area the shape I recommend is the A-line, flared bottoms and the tops can be frilled, fuller depending on bust size etc.

The Triangle: Fuller at the top go for V-necks, halter necks also look great, team up with a fuller skirt for body shape balance.

The Ruler:  straight up and down this body shape looks great in  fit and flare, peplum fitted jackets look awesome and will create a perfect waistline.

The Hourglass:  This body shape looks great in most shapes but again its about cut and styles that flatter.


This casual Maxi can work well with the triangle shape, thin straps are a good choice. This is also a great shape for the Hourglass figure


A flared dress is excellent for the Ruler body shape as this will create curves and a waist- line


This lace dress would work well for the Pear shape it’s not to fitted and the sleeves have depth on the shoulder line, this would add balance for the broader bottom


The sheath dress for me is a yes for most body shapes, great on the Hourglass, Not so much if your fuller busted a V-neck would look great also on this style


This is a must have for the Hourglass body shape. Also the apple as the gathering at the waist line will create a smaller waist

 Remember the no1 rule it’s not just the size of the dress that’s going to make it flattering on your body shape it’s the cut and style.  Take the Sheath dress for example if you have a fuller bust and are more triangle then try this style of dress with a V-neck and not round, this will work really well for you and flatter in all the right places.

When putting pieces together for example the Flared dress this can go from day to night, team up with a pair of pump shoes and a smart casual grab bag for the day, for night add some sparkle with a neckless or same chandelier earing’s and for the bag a nice satin clutch with matching heels in a bold color.  Remember it’s black so you can mix and match.

Coming soon A/W 18





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